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Hydraulic leveling outrigger
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Hydraulic leveling outrigger

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Example: STD-DZZ-T2-D60/400-D24-HFS-SD-5-0.5-4 Represents hydraulic outrigger 24V motor to provide power, single leg 6 tons stroke 400mm, equipped with fixed touch screen, handheld button box and intelligent leveling system with emergency hand crank function; leveling detection range is 3 degrees, leveling accuracy is 0.5 degrees, support The number of legs is 4.

The leveling system can achieve the following functions and technical indicators:

Model STD-ZZ-M2-D60/400-D24-HFS-SD-3-0.5-4 technical indicators:

1) Rated pressure: 16MPa

2) Working voltage: 24VDC/12VDC/220V (adjusted according to customer needs)

3) Motor power: 2.2kW

4) System rated flow: 6.75L/min (adjusted according to customer needs)

5) Leveling range ±10°

6) Leveling accuracy ±0.5°

7) When the four outriggers travel 50mm, the leveling time is about 30S to 60S.

8) Working medium: 10 ground aviation hydraulic oil or No. 32 wear-resistant hydraulic oil (0 ground aviation hydraulic oil in alpine areas)

9) Environmental requirements

  Humidity: 5%RH~100%RH(25℃)   Atmospheric load: 550hPa~1040hPaa   Working temperature: -25~70℃
  The altitude is not higher than 4000m, and after the motor is higher than 1000m, each additional 100m will reduce the power by 1.5%

10) The electric control system meets the relevant standards of GB/T17626.2-1998, GB/T17626.3-1998, GB/T17626.9-1998, GB/T17626.8-1998 electromagnetic compatibility test and measurement technology.

One, selection criteria

Model Description:


Manufacturer: Stacy   1. System type:   Automatic leveling system   2. Power source:

code Description
T1 DC12Velectric Outrigger(TScrew)
T2 DC24Velectric Outrigger(TScrew)
T3 AC220Velectric Outrigger(TScrew)
T4 AC380Velectric Outrigger(TScrew)
B1   DC12Velectric Outrigger(Ball Screw)
B2 DC24Velectric Outrigger(Ball Screw)
B3 AC220Velectric Outrigger(Ball Screw)
B4 AC380Velectric Outrigger(Ball Screw)
others Please contact the manufacturer


1.Single leg load:

code Description
DD20 2T
DD40 4T
DD60 6T
DD80 8T
DD100 10T
DD120 12T
DD150 15T


2.Outrigger stroke:

code Description
280 280mm(Overall shapePlease contact the manufacturer)
350 350mm(Overall shapePlease contact the manufacturer)
400 400mm(Overall shapePlease contact the manufacturer)
450 450mm(Overall shapePlease contact the manufacturer)
500 500mm(Overall shapePlease contact the manufacturer)
others (Overall shapePlease contact the manufacturer)


3.System voltage

code Description
D24 DC24V
D12 DC12V
A220 AC220V
A380 AC380V
others (Please contact the manufacturer)


4.Remote manual and touch screen operation: hand-held button box S, nothing else; movable touch screen HM, fixed to the box body touch screen HF.

code Configuration instructions
S Handheld button box only
HM Removable touch screen
HF Fixed to the touch screen on the electric box
HMS Removable touch screen + handheld button box
HFS Fixed touch screen + handheld button box


5. Remote control: W remote control, no omission.

6. Equipped with emergency hand crank: SD, no omission.

7.Levelingexamination range

Levelingexamination rangecode Configuration instructions
3 3degree
5 5degree
10 10degree
15 15degree
30 30degree


8.Leveling accuracy

Leveling accuracy code Configuration instructions
1 1degree
0.5 0.5degree
0.1 0.1degree
0.05 0.05degree
0.01 0.01degree


9.Outrigger Quantity

Outrigger Quantity code Configuration instructions
3 3
4 4
6 5
others (Please contact the manufacturer)
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