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Shanghai STD Fluid Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007 with a registered capital of 5 million. It is located at No. 333 Jinxiang Road, Shanghai Free Trade Zone. There are 65 employees and 9 technicians. Our company mainly has hydraulic cylinders. Hydraulic station, automatic leveling legs, electric leveling legs and other on-board hydraulic and electric systems design and development, and provide hydraulic technology, electro-hydraulic, electric control technology solutions and related products and services for engineering projects. After years of development, the company has customers all over the country, including Henan Xuhe Vehicle, Shanxi Aerospace Tsinghua Vehicle, Heli Forklift, Suzhou Jiangnan Aerospace and other well-known enterprises.

Stacy has always focused on the training and development of professional talents, and has a high-quality professional team, from product development, mechanical design, equipment testing, and technical services to professional and technical personnel. In 2019, our company was awarded the "High-tech Enterprise" in Henan Province. A strong technical team ensures the low price, high quality and high performance of the company's products. The products are quickly sold to the Shanghai area and all over the country, and are well received by customers!

The company adheres to the service principle of "winning by quality, treating people with sincerity" and the fundamental concept of "quality first, customer first", serving history in the fastest way, the best products, and the most complete service system. New and old customers of Daidi Company!

Address: No. 333, Jinxiang Road, Free Trade Zone, Shanghai Postcode: 200090  Tel: 400-1177-175




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