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LED advertising vehicle hydraulic system

The LED advertising vehicle produced by our company has a complete hydraulic system. The entire system is powered by a power station, and the vehicle is opened and closed by connecting multiple cylinders through oil pipes. The operation is simple and the maintenance is convenient. The hydraulic system produced by our company has the characteristics of small size, long life, low noise, high synchronization accuracy, etc., and is well received by customers!

Wing opening hydraulic system


Command vehicle hydraulic system


Camping car hydraulic system

  Wingspan car is an improvement of ordinary van. Through power spring, manual device or hydraulic device, it is a special vehicle that can open the wings on both sides of the car. It is composed of flip board, upper board and lower board. Because of its fast loading and unloading speed, high efficiency, and side loading and unloading, it has become a very popular transportation tool for modern logistics enterprises. It has become the best choice for large logistics companies. In recent years, a large number of lightweight new materials have been applied to the Wingspan car series, which has reduced the weight of the car, coupled with the beautiful design of the car, and the safe and reliable cargo transportation. To have a role to play.

   The role of the wing-span vehicle hydraulic system is to increase the force by changing the pressure. A complete hydraulic system consists of five parts, namely power components, executive components, control components, auxiliary components (accessories) and hydraulic oil. The quality of a hydraulic system depends on the rationality of the system design, the performance of the system components, the pollution prevention and treatment of the system, and the last point is particularly important. In recent years, my country's domestic hydraulic technology has been greatly improved, and foreign hydraulic technology is no longer used for processing.

Stage propaganda vehicle hydraulic system

  The mobile stage car is a special car that is convenient for mobile performances and can be deployed as a stage. The hydraulic pressure of the mobile stage car mainly includes two parts: the chassis part and the upper part. The upper part is composed of the top plate and the bottom plate, and the side plate and the top plate are respectively The four hydraulic cylinders control the unfolding to become the top of the stage, and the four hydraulic cylinders to unfold the bottom plate to control the stage, eliminating the need for traditional stage building procedures, saving time and effort, the operation is simple, safe and reliable, with complete functions and beautiful appearance.

   Fully automatic stage car system detailed introduction:

   1. The four corners of the floor of the fully automatic stage car are equipped with a hydraulic cylinder, which can be extended downwards, and each pair is in "eight" shape contact with the ground, reducing the pressure on the tires and increasing the stability of the whole stage car.

  2. The fully automatic stage car system corresponds to four hydraulic outriggers, each with a hydraulic cylinder above the bottom plate, which can raise the top plate smoothly and synchronously. Increase the space of automatic stage vehicles.

  3. Raise the top plate, with two hydraulic cylinders on both sides, unfold the two wings, flip up to level, and together with the top plate, it will be used as an automatic stage car roof.

  4. There are two hydraulic cylinders on both sides of the bottom plate. The side plates on both sides are unfolded and turned out to be horizontal together with the bottom plate to serve as an automatic stage vehicle stage. After the exhibition, the stage area can reach 50-60 square meters.

   The above 4 steps can keep the stage stable under the big impact load when the fully automatic stage car is performing. And the crossbar of the fully automatic stage car is composed of one section, one end is fixed on the edge of the bottom plate. There is a screw rod in the middle of the steel column, and the height can be adjusted as needed. The steel column is folded in the cross bar through the pin connection, and the cross bar is folded under the carriage floor through the pin connection. You can choose a fully automatic stage car for opening ceremonies or events held by businesses. The effect is good, and it can attract a large number of people to watch, so as to achieve the promotional effect!


Put the cable car


Sanitation vehicle hydraulic system

    A complete sanitation vehicle hydraulic system consists of five parts, namely power components, executive components, control components, auxiliary components (accessories) and hydraulic oil.    Power element: The function of the power element is to convert the mechanical energy of the prime mover into liquid pressure energy, which refers to the oil pump in the hydraulic system, which provides power to the entire hydraulic system. The structure of hydraulic pumps generally includes gear pumps, vane pumps and plunger pumps.

  Executive components: The role of executive components (such as hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic motors) is to convert the pressure energy of the liquid into mechanical energy, and drive the load to make linear reciprocating or rotary motion.

  Control components: control components (ie various hydraulic valves) control and regulate the pressure, flow and direction of the liquid in the hydraulic system. According to different control functions, hydraulic valves can be divided into pressure control valves, flow control valves and directional control valves. Pressure control valves are further divided into overflow valves (safety valves), pressure reducing valves, sequence valves, pressure relays, etc.; flow control valves include throttle valves, regulating valves, shunting and collecting valves, etc.; directional control valves include check valves, Hydraulic control check valve, shuttle valve, reversing valve, etc. According to different control methods, hydraulic valves can be divided into on-off control valves, fixed value control valves and proportional control valves.

   Auxiliary components: Auxiliary components include fuel tanks, oil filters, oil pipes and pipe joints, sealing rings, quick-change joints, high-pressure ball valves, hose assemblies, pressure measuring joints, pressure gauges, oil level gauges, oil temperature gauges, etc.

  Hydraulic oil: Hydraulic oil is the working medium that transfers energy in the hydraulic system. There are various types of mineral oil, emulsion and synthetic hydraulic oil.
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