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Hydraulic lifting platform


Hydraulic winch

The hydraulic winch relies on the vehicle's own electric system to drive the winch. Advantages: it can be used normally when the vehicle is dead fire (this is its biggest advantage, which is unmatched by other winches). It has great advantages especially in watery areas. Installation Simple can realize multi-position installation and rapid displacement. Disadvantages: Can not maintain long-term use (the limitation of the vehicle's own electric system, self-heating, etc.), most electric winches can provide small driving force and can only apply force in one direction (installed in the front of the car can only Pull forward, install on the rear can only pull back).

Car seesaw


Tire handling system


Industrial hydraulic power unit


Small hydraulic power unit


Hydraulic leveling outrigger


Electric outrigger

The electric outrigger is an independent small electromechanical system, which adopts the integrated design of reducer, T-shaped screw and motor. The specific features are as follows:
1. The electric outrigger can be connected to the main control box and can pass through the IP67 connector;
2. The free self-locking function of the T-screw itself eliminates all safety problems caused by the self-falling body. The electric outrigger itself has a high resolution, and the walking of the electric outrigger is only 0.01mm in one on-off operation, which can fully meet the requirements of various complicated working conditions.
3. Small, convenient and fast, and easy to maintain.
4. Multiple such electric outriggers can easily work together to ensure reliable and stable operation of the system.
5. Only the front end of the outrigger has a ball head design, which can cope with various complex ground conditions.
6. The static load is more than 3 times that of the dynamic load, which effectively reduces the influence of external forces on the system after it stops, and greatly increases the safety factor under static conditions.
7. Customized services can be provided according to customer requirements.
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