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Production Process

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The engineering hydraulic cylinders produced by our company adopt international advanced design schemes to ensure the scientific and rational use of the cylinders. All imported seals are used to greatly increase the service life of the cylinders. The hydraulic cylinders produced have been widely used in road engineering vehicles, freight wing opening vehicles, cab flipping and other automotive fields, and have been widely praised by customers. In order to meet the needs of customers, our company provides customized cylinders to tailor professional hydraulics for you System service and considerate after-sales service.


SX series hydraulic power unit is a small hydraulic power unit launched by our company. It has the advantages of high integration, safety and reliability, compact structure, high efficiency, and beautiful appearance. This series of power stations has been widely used in various stage vehicles, advertising vehicles, emergency rescue vehicles and other vehicles, and has been tested for a long time in the market.


The hydraulic system of the stage car is mainly for automatic control of the stage closing and exhibition, achieving the purpose of automatically building the stage. It mainly includes the chassis part and the upper part. The upper part is composed of the top plate, side plate and bottom plate, and the side plate and the top plate are controlled by four hydraulic cylinders to expand to form the top of the stage. The bottom plate is expanded to control the stage by four hydraulic cylinders. , Save time and effort, easy to operate, safe and reliable, complete functions, beautiful appearance.

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